Joe Barr - Malin To Mizen & Road Cycling Record

Congratulations Joe, your new records are now officially certified by Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA) as follows:

Standard Bike June 19 - 21 2015    
North - South 23:20 (23 hours 20 minutes) 381.0 miles 16.33 mph average
South - North 25:40 (1 day 1 hour 40 minutes) 369.7 miles 14.40 mph average
North - South - North 49:00 (2 days 1 hour) 750.7 miles 15.32 mpg average
Officials: Rosemary McIlhone Mark Kirkpatrick  
Crew: Ian Struthers Andy McMullan  

Note: The mileage variation between North - South and South - north is due to different routing around urban areas.

These records all surpass the age 18-49 records set by Ricky Geoghegan, but Geoghegan's records will remain listed due to category differences.


Joe's exclusive interview with UTV Live Tonight about his mammoth record breaking achievement and our plans for RAAM 2016

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Check out the highlight video from Joe's inspirational Malin-Mizen-Malin road cycling record. 773 miles in 49 hours with no sleep.  A true feat of human endurance and spirit!

Sunday 21st June 1749pm

Malin To Mizen 8










We have made history!  Joe has just smashed the Malin - Mizen - Malin Road Cycling Record.  He has set three records, the fastest North - South in 23 hours 20 mins, the fastest South to North in 25 hours and 40 mins and the total Malin - Mizen - Malin record in 49 hrs.

Malin To Mizen 9










It was an absolutely incredible feat of human endurance and spirit for both Joe and his support crew.  Joe battled fierce and unforgiving winds, sleep deprivation and a mammoth total distance of 773.2 miles

Malin To Mizen 10










Joe did not sleep for the entire duration of the race.

Malin To Mizen 11










This makes a podium finish in Race Across America 2016 a real possibility.

Malin To Mizen 12










"I'd to thank the crew who had to work an intensely pressured three days.  They were extremely fatigued yet managed to push me through the entire race.  I'd to thank our supporters who made the journey to Mizen head and those on our social media pages that gave me the drive to break the record. I'd like to dedicate the record to my two sons Reuben and Ross who helped me celebrate fathers day at the finish line" - Joe Barr


Sunday 21st June 0726am

Joe is on FIRE! He hasn't slept in 43 hours + counting.  He has fought hard on the Northward leg and shows no sign of stopping!  Less than 100 miles to go to Malin Head.  What a machine!

Malin To Mizen 7










Saturday 20th June 1506pm

Throughout the night Joe relentlessly covered more and more ground through unforgiving headwinds and typical Irish weather.  Just before 12pm today Joe emerged from the mist of the Celtic Sea which surrounds Mizzen Head.  He reached Mizzen Head in just under 24 hours.

Malin To Mizen 4










This was an incredible pace on his Southbound race, and just as soon as he arrived he turned the wheels and began to make his Northbound attack.

Malin To Mizen 5










We've dedicated the first leg of the race to Joe's son Reuben.

Malin To Mizen 6










TS1. Lifford
TS2. Enniskillen
TS3. Ballymahon
TS4. Borrisokane
TS5. Birdhill
TS6. Freemont
TS7. Dunmanway

We are well on the way to breaking the record.


Friday 19th June - 1855pm

Joe is headed southbound at a great rate of knots.  His legs are turning well and apart from the Irish weather, he is in a good mood.

He passed through TS2 (Enniskillen) at 94.8 miles and currently has 130 miles in the bag. TS3 (BallyMahon) is drawing close.

Go Joe!

Malin To Mizen 3

Friday 19th June - 12pm

Joe has set off on the IFS Global Logistics Malin To Mizen and back to Malin Road Cycling Record at 12pm today.

Malin To Mizen 1










Having left Malin head he rocketed through the Inishowen hills and has just passed Timing Station 1 at Lifford Co.Donegal.

Total Distance: 51.8 miles

Malin To Mizen 2