Joe Barr - No Country for Old Men 1000 - 2015

Tuesday 27th October 2015

First place victory for Team Joe Barr at the UMCA World Championship NCOM 1000!NCOM 1000 271015 1

Joe turned for his final loop of the Big Bend National park, which had three major technical sections. The first section was the La Linda decent.

The sun was now so intense we felt like we were racing through hell. The team literally could watch Joe's right leg getting more tanned as we decended for two hours. Managing his hydration and nutrition here was vital.

NCOM 1000 271015 3

We reached the bottom of the decent which was on the Rio Grande river at the border to Mexico,we were at the end of the USA. The Rio Grande is the same river which starts in the rockies where Joe was hospitalised in RAAM 2012. This was a massive moment for him.

The crew waited for the sun to drop before making the long accent back to the top. Joe took his time going back up to conserve himself for the most intense part of the course, the Chiso climb.

It was now total darkness.

This section had been removed on the first day due to bad weather. To have such an steep Alpine climb at this point in the race was going to be tough. 2500 feet of climbing over 6.5 miles.

Joe began to accend. Alan and Jillian encouraged and pushed him up the first part of the the climb to a point where they could jump out and prepare his nutrition for when he was decending. Joe and Ian continued alone to the top.

Ian continued to push Joe beyond what he thought was his mental and physical limits. Continuous momentum here was crucial. Ian got Joe to pedal for his two sons Reuben and Ross, his crew, his family and for himself.

What happened at the peak could only be described as super human and will be forever etched in their memories.

Joe and Ian decended back down to the crew so we could evaluate his condition and get the proper nutrition and supplements into his system.

He continued round the course to the next major technical section, the Ross Maxwell Scenic Road a long 40 mile section with a turn around at the end.

At this point Joe and the crew had reached absolute breaking point. Joe did not believe he had already cycled this section on day one and then became unresponsive to the crew. It was too dangerous to decend in this state. We stopped to let Joe relax and compose himself.

Alan and Jillian took this opertunity to prepare Joe and the crews nutrition and we turned to head back up the steep climbs to the Big Bend loop.

Daylight finally was here and the temperature began to rise. We into our last 100 miles of the race and Joe was suffering.

His whole body was completely shot and the muscles in his legs were having spasms. He had nothing left but still managed to turn the cranks.

It was now a case of getting to the finish line.

The last section of the race is completely barren and we were running out of supplies. We had no cell phone coverage to ask for help. The crew sacrificed their own water and food to ensure Joe had enough for his nutrition and hydration in the intense heat. Managing him at this time was critical.

We were ticking off one mile at a time. It was slow, it was painful.

It was an emotional time for the entire team as we knew how much physical and mental duress he was going through.

Alpine was now in his sights and he made his final decent to finish line at a time of 80 hours at 37 minutes with no sleep.

The pain and suffering was over.

We had made it.  Victory ! ! 

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NCOM 1000 271015 4


Monday 26th October 2015

Joe pushes East through Marathon and creates a significant gap in first place. His spirit his high and he has found his rhythm after a terrible night in the hills. As he rapidly decended towards Sanderson the crew provided the perfect nutritional balance for him and had slick bike and clothing swaps. The US Highway 90 east was incredibly busy with large articulated trucks passing in close proximity with frightening speed. The crew provided protection for him until the turn of the ghost town of Dryden.

NCOM 1000 261015 1

After the turn the crew prepared hot meals, prepared the bike and bottles whilst Joe washed and reclothed for the climbing in the nightime. Once again the temperatures plummeted. He battled throughout the night to stay ahead of Colin Stokes who was close on his tail. They fought with sleep deprivation and never ending climbs.

The crew are also suffering from lack of sleep but still manage to protect and provide for Joe.

NCOM 1000 261015 2

Once we passed through timing station 10, Ft.Stockton we realised we had covered, 666 miles in 48 hours. We are on track for a good time, the official cut off time is 96 hours.

He has now arrived at Ts11 at Marathon at has turned for his final loop of the Big Bend National Park.

He has gone further than he has ever gone before with no sleep and passing his previous limits.

He has the end in his sights.

Total Distance: 732 Miles
Time 2 days 5 hours 30 mins

You can follow us LIVE on GPS at!ncom-live-tracking/c1acc

Sunday 25th October 2015

Darkness fell upon the course, this was the first night of endurance riding. After preparing Joe for the night and getting delayed by border control, he was now in second place. Riding in direct follow, Joe and the team navigated through the hypnotic lights of Time Station 3 Alpine and turned North at TS4 Martha towards the unforgiving McDonalds Observatory loop. The altitude quickly took its toll on all the riders. Every one was struggling. The headwinds were relentless.

Once he reached the peak of the loop at 6000ft after the soul destroying inclines,the combination of the the 2*c temperature and his gastric distress was just too much. Joe described his reserve as "empty" and never felt a ride like it. He was not sure if he could continue.

The crew got time to monitor his oxygen levels, his heart rate, blood sugar, nourishment and built his resources for the long game.

NCOM 1000 251015 13

They raised and rebuilt his spirit. He got back on his bike.

He decended absolutely maximum. The battle for first place begun.

Whilst battling severe sleep deprivation he was target fixated on the rear hazard lights of the teams and competitors infront of him.

NCOM 1000 251015 14

He was out of the saddle and made his way to the front of the pack. He is now in first place.

Joe was glad to see the sunrise of day 2.

NCOM 1000 251015 12

He has now arrived at TS 7, Alpine.

Distance- 436mi

The battle to hold first place will rage on throughout the day.

You can follow us LIVE on GPS at!ncom-live-tracking/c1acc

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 NCOM 1000 251015 3

NCOM 1000 251015 7

Race Day!

In inky darkness the NCOM racers set off at 7am (CDT). Joe rocketed his way to the front of the pack and fought the edge of a thunderstorm for the first gruelling 120 miles of the route. The team are controlling Joe's nutrition and race tactics. After turning at Ross Maxwell Scenic road Joe pushed up the steep climbs and the team prepared him for the steepest section of the race, the notorious Chisos basin accent.

Due to bad weather and poor visability, the race organisers decided to pull the Chios Basin section, rider safety is priority. Joe exits the Big Bend National Park to TS2 at Marathon. The weather is still very poor.

This area is so remote, FM radio doesn't exist out here.

Finally, some clear skies at 191 miles. Joe changes into his warm gear and he is suffering a little bit of gastric upset. His Spirits are high and he is still smiling. He is still in first postion.

The crew went on to prepare his meal and Joe got stopped at the border and lost some time.

He has just arrived in TS2, Marathon. A distance of 217 miles in less than 12 hours. The crew are preparing him for night mode.

You can follow us LIVE on GPS at!ncom-live-tracking/c1acc

The winner will be annouced on Tuesday 27th.

(Signal strength is close to nothing here, we will try and keep y'all updated the best we can)

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Friday 23rd October 2015

Registration day! Joe and the Team get the bikes and crew car inspected. We set off at 7am (CDT) and 1pm (GMT) on what will be an epic epic race!

NCOM 1000 231015 1

NCOM 1000 231015 2

You can follow us LIVE on GPS at!ncom-live-tracking/c1acc

NCOM 1000 231015 3

NCOM 1000 231015 4

NCOM 1000 starts on Saturday 24th.

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NCOM 1000 231015 5

Thursday 22nd October 2015

NCOM 1000 221015 1

NCOM 1000 221015 2

NCOM 1000 221015 3

Preparation began for what will be 1000 miles of epic endurance racing. Working through the jet lag, Joe maticulously prepared his bikes whilst the crew prepared the crew car. Only one little snag.....the bike rack did not fit!

The crew ventured out into Alpine for the first time and we met some great people who all pointed us in the direction of Rudy Cunningham at Hatco Steal and Pipe. Some grinding and welding later we were in business. He done a fantastic job.

The people of Alpine have welcomed us with open arms and our spirits our high.

The Team is ready, Joe is ready. This will be epic!

We will have live GPS tracking and you can follow all our updates on here.

NCOM 1000 starts on Saturday 24th.

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