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DB Schenker does its part for the Soccer World Cup

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The players aren't the only ones giving it their all. DB Schenker is transporting a large amount of technology and team equipment to Brazil for the start of the World Cup on June 12. The logistics experts are shipping approximately 230 ocean containers and 270 metric tons of air freight from around the world to the World Cup venues. Nearly half of the national teams are having DB Schenker transport their equipment to their camp. And that means more than just shoes and jerseys for the pro athletes. DB Schenker is also transporting massage tables and training and fitness equipment.
DB Schenker is also responsible for getting valuable and highly sensitive equipment such as cameras, outside broadcast vehicles, expensive monitors and special technical equipment for TV and radio broadcasters to Brazil on time for the big event. The International Broadcast Center in Rio de Janeiro will serve as the main "playing field" for the media.
A team of 40 employees, supported by DB SCHENKERsportsevents soccer experts from around the world, will be on site at various times. Plans called for TV equipment such as sensitive cameras, outdoor broadcast vehicles, expensive monitors, and an enormous amount of special technical equipment to be transported to the venues in Brazil immediately following the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.
DB Schenker will also transport power and cooling units as well as much of the catering essentials to the venues to ensure that government officials, celebrities and guests of honor have everything they need at the matches. The ocean containers set off on their journey long before the opening whistle of the first match. Most of the highly sensitive broadcasting equipment, however, will be arriving by air freight shortly before the World Cup begins.
Import formalities in Brazil also present a challenge. In some cases import licenses are required for certain products, which must be applied for well in advance.